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With the support of authorities, businesses, civil society organizations and people who contact us to request brigades, provide screening program for the detection of human papillomavirus’ (HPV) high risk. ” a power cervicovaginal sample is performed using a disposable vaginal speculum. That sample is deposited in the special vial DNA collection device (Digene) and analyzed in the laboratory Hybrid Capture Test for Life.

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Women aged 30-65 years.

Not Pregnant

With womb.

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The types of high-risk HPV virus are the cause of cervical cancer.

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If the result is negative HPV. Good news!. And if your Pap is normal, you can be quiet, since there is no risk factor for cervical cancer and does not need the HPV study conducted to within 3 to 5 years.



If the result is positive HPV it is performed a colposcopy (gynecological procedure performed using a colposcope is a kind of telescope next approach that allows the doctor to see in detail abnormal regions of the cervix through the vagina). If there were injuries biopsy is taken and if the result of this treatment the doctor determines, it is provided by cryosurgery or cone as appropriate, and medical monitoring. Or the woman Dysplasia Clinic is sent. If the woman has no positive HPV lesions by colposcopy, you are invited to a second HPV sampling performed in the course of 12 months to give your immune chance to eliminate the virus and HPV persistence rule system.


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